As you all are aware in order to strengthen the independence and governance of the ACCS, the Government decided to amend the WIRC Act to establish the ACCS as a statutory authority with a board.

Pending endorsement of our new board, we are working towards 1 July 2017 as the commencement date of our new ACCS, but under the legislation that commencement date can be as late as 11 October 2017.

This intranet site aims to act as a main source of information for all staff during this time of transition, in addition to providing an avenue for staff to ask any questions regarding the transition and make any suggestions to the project team.

Our permanent staff intranet will go live post commencement of our new ACCS, and will be the go to site for most things you will need to know, such as policies and procedures, activities of various working groups, news and events.